On Your Mark…

Well, every marathon begins at a starting line, so here I will mark my starting line. I’m not going to worry so much about a finish line; I just want get moving in the right direction!

*I’m eating pretty carelessly. Not mindlessly, but I make choices I know aren’t good for me.

*189 pounds, 5’4″ tall

*My prayer life is on the fly, and Bible reading is devotional lite.

*Exercise? What’s that? Gee, I can barely walk my dog!

*My house is not my refuge, suffice it to say.

So today, the day after my 22nd wedding anniversary, will mark my first step. Look out world! Look out family! New and improved Pam coming through!



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3 responses to “On Your Mark…

  1. nothingfancy1

    Hi Pamela! Good Luck! I too have hit that 40-something funk that creeps up on us. Let’s fight it tooth and nail. Look out youth, here we come!!! Look forward to reading your blog. Check out mine!

  2. 4pam

    Hi nothing fancy! I was so surprised to get a comment. Thanks for saying hi. As a fellow funk-fighter, I would be interested in checking your blog. But I am a painfully new newbie. How do I find it?

  3. nothingfancy1

    Here I am…


    Look forward to getting to know you!

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