Day 1

Well, there’s always tomorrow, right? I started out ok. I ate Special K for breakfast and had dreams of an early start to my day. But I took a Benadryl. ONE Benadryl. It’s all that cottonwood fluff floating around. Gosh, I hate that stuff! And I haven’t taken a Benadryl in awhile. I wasn’t just sleepy; I was comatose. So much for quiet time, prayer time, exericise. And then we had scheduled a cookout this evening to bless our pastoral staff. We canceled after all the thunderstorm and tornado warnings, but not before I had all the treats bought and a mountain of chicken breasts marinating. In conjunction with the disappointment, I didn’t manage my eating so well.

But hey! Tomorrow is a new day! We’ll call it day 1, take 2. How’s that?



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