Man’s Best Friend?

Who? Me?What a day. Or morning. Whatever.


Today my dog is not my friend. No, she is a possessed devil-dog. If a professional exorcist should happen by, I’ll be sure to retain his services.


This morning she did her business on the carpet, THEN asked to be let out. Hasn’t done that in many weeks. Only once before since getting the doggie doorbell, in fact. It had been raining this am, but wasn’t at the time. However, it started raining again while she was out. I let her back in and toweled her off, then woke up K to help me with her. K didn’t get up. Belle asked to go out again, so I let her and went to fetch K AGAIN. I’m getting pretty put out, as she shares responsibility for this dog. She gets up and grabs a towel and starts to let the dog in, but…


Belle, in the meantime, has decided to make mud pies in the patio pot from which I had taken the little azalea that she kept insisting on chewing (leaving me to clean the vomit and diarrhea from her crate in the wee hours). Sleepy K didn’t notice until Belle was already coming through the door, mud-covered snout and paws. She RAN through the house, leaving thick mud paw prints. She knew she was in trouble, with us both yelling OUT! and trying to grab her, and she was having none of us. Mud splattered the walls. Thank God I had had some coffee already! I grabbed the leash and tied it on the inside doorknob and left her on the step outside and shut the door on the leash. Limited mud access. Then I poured another cup of coffee (it was now 7:45 am) and took the newspaper to my room to breathe deeply and try to relax.


By 8 am I felt ready to get dressed and run to the grocery store to rent a carpet cleaner. And that became my project for the morning. (K’s was to bathe the dog.)  I am amazingly out of shape, and I am now exhausted and sore, but there are no more thick muddy paw prints. Belle is now tethered to the front door, having been walked and put through her paces by K. I’m going to shower and dress and go to a home décor party. Maybe by the time I get home, my carpet will be dry.


My clothing choice for the morning? A Grumpy the Dwarf T-shirt. Seemed apropos.

Note how innocent this puppy looks. For shame.



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3 responses to “Man’s Best Friend?

  1. DH

    I hear that cat’s don’t like to play in the mud…

  2. Sherry

    Trade you one DRAMA queen for your sweet, adorable puppy:) She doesn’t play in the mud but she does run around like a rabid dog when things don’t go her way. Sometimes I WISH we could yell OUT! at her. Were we ever 18??????

  3. 4pam

    SHERRY!! Hey, girlfriend! I don’t know about you, but if our 18/19 year-olds are any indication, I skipped over from 17 to about 22. At least! LOL!! Great to “see” you here. Keep me honest, K?

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