Getting strong now…

I finally had a day I can be proud of! Thank You, Lord!

Today I started my River Running class. Our little community has a water park with a lazy river, and early in the morning (while my son took his swim lessons) I jogged, walked, lunged and jumpin’ jacked against the current in this waist-high river in the company of 8 or 9 other people. I was feeling the burn before I was half-way around the first lap, but it was fun! Tomorrow will probably be an Advil day, but I am amazed at what a lift an hour’s hard workout gave my spirits. I think it really helped that the water kept me cool and the bouyancy kept my joints from aching. I’m only doing this twice a week, but I am stoked! I felt like I had run the stairs in Boston with Rocky! LOL!

Maybe because of the effort invested in the workout, today was also my best day food-wise. I’m mostly proud of my choices. And I felt good about my quiet time and my prayer time. It finally felt like a new day!

Now I just need to do it again tomorrow, right. One step at a time!


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  1. nothingfancy1

    Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it. Way to go!

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