Tuesday’s toe tips

DH liked the closeup bestComing up on my 40th birthday, I created a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 50. One of those was to have a French pedicure. (yeah, I know. Dream big.) So when my 20th anniversary rolled around that May, I celebrated that biggie with white-tipped toes for the first time. Goofy me: I recorded it for posterity on film. It seemed such a cheery, Mayfest-ey way to usher in the summer, so I did it again last year. DH insisted I photograph them again. Thus is born a tradition, and here, on Tuesday, I present my 22nd anniversary pedicure. When I’m 50, I’ll have a 10-year progression showing my aging feet!  🙂

And I love my flip-flops!


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