‘Tis the Season

Yes, I did walk my dog Sunday. 🙂

And I even changed out of these adorable flips to do it, too. I love flip flop season. It expands my shoe wardrobe exponentially. Flip flops fit regardless of my clothing size. I can afford a WIDE range of colors and styles, because I rarely pay more than $6 or 7 for a pair. (Those Sunday pinks were more, though!) I can indulge my cute shoe soul without offending my frugal sensibilities. Besides, I think I have cute toes. 😉

Here is my entire flip wardrobe.



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4 responses to “‘Tis the Season

  1. nothingfancy1

    I absolutely ADORE those pink ones! Where’d you get them?

    I got them at Accessory City. Do you have one near you? There is something on the web with that name, but it is NOT the same store. *4Pam

  2. Kris

    Very cute! I like the pink ones. I like to wear Crocs flip flops because they have good arch support. But yours are much cuter!

  3. 4pam

    KRIS!!!! Hi there! It is so good to see you here. Yes, admittedly, arch support is not a plus of these cheap shoes. It can definitely make for tired calves at the end of the day.

  4. nothingfancy1

    Darn. We don’t have Accessory City. They are adorable, though!

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