Weigh-in Wednesday, again…

Do these seem to come fast to you? Maybe it’s just because I’ve been so crazy busy lately. Anyway…

The stats:

188.2 pounds, down more than a pound from last week.

5 days vigorous exercise, 1 hour each, and 1 day gardening and walking the dog

Since Coach is making me write down every bite I put in my mouth, including GUM *Snort*, I actually know how many good days of eating choices I had, rather than a feeling of how many. Five good days out of 7, and one of those wasn’t really too bad. Woohoo!!

5 days out of 7 with a quiet time, and 2 days with Power Prayer.

I’d say things are looking up. I am encouraged!! Coach gives me a free day I don’t have to track food, and today is IT, because M’s birthday party is today. She is having a Coldstone Creamery birthday cake, and I don’t have to figure out what kind of damage THAT is! LOL!!



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3 responses to “Weigh-in Wednesday, again…

  1. nothingfancy1

    Way to go! And have fun at the birthday party today. Coldstone Creamery cake sounds delish!!

  2. scraphappymama

    Hi Pam! Congrats on being down 1 more pound. Celebrate each success. This is Beth, BTW. I have a new blog, one that I am using to chronicle my scrapbooking and recipe experimentation. Maybe I’ll join you in chronicling my own get healthy endeavors.

  3. Kris

    Congratulations! I have managed to gain back almost all that I lost this winter. I need to get serious about getting healthy so I can keep up with the little monsters!

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