I have seen in the past weeks that I can work toward my goal successfully. I have a Plan, and I follow that plan, accountable to my DH and a friend, and Coach.

BUT…what if something happens to The Plan? Today River Running was rained out!! I felt quite abandoned. I know I have to get in that hour of exercise still, but everything else seemed boring and inadequate. However, something is better than nothing, so I guess I’ll change out of my swimsuit and head to the indoor track at the rec center. See my committment? It may be a grumpy, rather-blow-it-off committment, but it still counts.

Darn. That “Do everything without grumbling or complaining” verse just came to mind. Well, okay. I’ll grab my iPod, put on some fun music, and ENJOY it! So there! I CAN become more flexible in places other than my joints. Like my head. 🙂 OH! And I just remembered…T has a ceramics class at the rec center this afternoon. I can use that time.

It’s not gonna rain on my parade!



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