“Oh, ma laig!”

In the words of Hank the Cowdog’s immortal Drover. And oh! my every other body part, too!

That River Running yesterday was brutal! She turned almost all the jets off and had us run 6 laps, almost a mile. I don’t run a mile on dry land, much less against water resistance. And then we had to turn around and run three more backward. Sure. I must be the wimpiest person there. I really do think I was the only one who had to drop to a walk for one of the forward laps, because I was soooo blown.

Sure enough, today tells the tale. I am sore. Make that, SORE. I am moving sloooow today. I popped an Advil with breakfast (Simple Harvest Pecan Oatmeal with an extra spoonful of whole oats and coffee), and tried to get out the door to my weight training, but I have a pretty narrow window to get out and back before my son’s swim class. I was just too slow. So I am praying that I work it into some other part of my busy day, between the daughters’ Bible study and the church kids’ movie outing, before all the city gets off work and takes up my space at the weights.


OMG UpdateI was too weary for weight training!! I got on the crosscountry ski machine thingy, intending to do the 10 minutes Coach had set for me (that machine is hard anyway!), and I couldn’t make it. I was dying at 5 minutes, and I dragged 7 out of it. THEN she wanted me on some runner/climber machine for three minutes, but only two was happenin’, and I was staggering after that. From then on it was weights and balls and such, mostly abs and arms, and I managed it all but the leg press. I couldn’t budge it, even with no weights. I have SUCH a sad physique! And tomorrow I get to tell Coach I failed my day 2 workout. I think a steamin’ hot bubble bath is prescribed for tonight. Seriously.


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