A Day of Rest

Theoretically, anyway. It was a really hard week, exercise-wise. Coach seemed puzzled about my putting on a pound, but optimistic anyway. But today is my assigned day to rest and and let my muscles recuperate. However, I also sent my 14yo, K, away to Houston on a mission trip, so the morning dog-walk fell to me. I kept it fairly short and slow, though. And other than that, I am just trying to unearth my room from the laundry pile. It sure is quiet here without K, though.

Veeeerry quiet. Sort of…peaceful.

Not everyone gets to rest, though! Check out M on her way to hours of labor at her new job at a local pizza eatery:

off to work we go   Her daddy and I are so proud of her!




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2 responses to “A Day of Rest

  1. Wow – mini Pam! 🙂

  2. 4pam

    Oh, she’s much cuter. (And shorter! LOL!)

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