Summer Movie time: Kung Fu Panda

So, last Thursday we went with the kids from church to see Kung Fu Panda. I took my teens, and the pastor and youth pastor accompanied the crowd. I am so glad I went! It was a really fun movie for all ages. I’ll admit I was leery, and expecting a lot of Eastern mysticism and religion under the guise of kiddie animation, but it wasn’t heavy-handed at all! There was a little ying/yang talk and the “universe” gifting folk, and someone blows away on the wind rather than die, but for a Kung Fu movie, it wasn’t bad. What it did have was some BEE-YOOtiful animation, exciting fight scenes and laugh-out-loud funny scenes (I think the two pastors laughed loudest, though), and characters modeling obedience and respect and submission to authorities. When was the last time you saw much of THAT in a kids’ movie?! I look forward to adding this one to the home library. We’ll have to see if the video game is any good, too, as the whole show was obviously a set up for the game, as well.


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