Beware of Sno Cones!

Who knew?! With all that frozen water, it looked so innocent. So refreshing and, well… summery. But apparently sno cone syrup is a whopping 100 calories per OUNCE. And a 12 oz sno cone can be doused in as much as 6 oz of syrup. 😦 So sad.

Fortunately, DH, who is always looking for opportunities to ride in on his white horse and rescue me, was more than willing to take on the bottom half of my coconut shaved ice. And since that is where all that juicy syrup ends up, I figure I saved myself hundreds of empty calories.


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One response to “Beware of Sno Cones!

  1. I have the horrible habit of crunching ice. I am addicted and cannot control myself. That said, my favorite treat is crushed ice with just a few squirts of Raspberry Crystal Light poured over it. It completely satisfies my ice crunching and sweet needs! Plus – no calories!

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