Woe is Me Wednesday

188.6 pounds.

I don’t feel like going over the stats, ’cause they were all good, except the above. I go run in the riv*r today, and I’m tired, and just hoping I can get through it. My Aleve has worn off and I’m debating whether to take another.

I will add a stat: DH had taken a belly measurement back in April, when I could barely fit my fat clothes, and that’s down by an inch as of this week. I do fit my fat clothes now. Can’t seem to get excited about that, though.



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3 responses to “Woe is Me Wednesday

  1. Oh, Miss Pam, don’t be so hard on yourself. Look at this as a lifestyle change. Slow and steady steps towards a healthier you. I say this because I know exactly the discouragement you feel. I’ve heard it said, and I believe it, muscle weighs more by volume. You’ve lost inches!!!! That is great. The more muscle you develop, the better your metabolism will be. It will begin to self-perpetuate. And you are getting stronger, that in itself will help you to be healthier, which is really more important in the long run than it is to fit into any of your old clothing.

  2. Pam, are you drinking like a fish? Water, I mean, LOL.

    When I lost weight a few years back, the key, in addition to exercise, was drinking nothing but water, and lots of it.

    Not only does it cleanse the body, it also makes you feel full.

    Try one huge glass before every meal or snack.

    Also, don’t let the discouragement get the best of you. This time of the year with the heat and water retention, it’s hard to lose weight.

    Hang in there – love you!

  3. 4pam

    Thank you, friends! You are encouraging, and you are both right. I’ll try to drink more water, and I’ll persevere. It’s just so hard to keep a good attitude when any improvements are apparently invisible. But they are the most important ones, I guess.

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