Checking in

I continue to persevere. I actually did a little better at my difficult Thursday workout this week than last. However, I am a little concerned about my heartrate. I take Atenelol to keep it down while active (a lifelong problem), yet those Thursday workouts are sending it way up there! I told Coach and we’re adjusting a little, but she wants me to become more aware of how I feel when it’s up there. That’s hard, because perceptually, it’s often not that bad, yet it still takes a toll. I can keep it down in a workout, but my real concern is why it’s up even on the meds.

Also, we are going about the whole weight-loss thing on a strictly thermodynamic approach: burn more fuel than you take in. Well, theoretically, I’m doing great at that. But a lot of newer research suggests that folks with metabolic issues have to take the chemistry into account as well, because the chemicals in the body are telling it to treat feul differently than it should under healthy circumstances. So, this week will be an experiment: I’ll eat the calories Coach set for me, but the content of those calories won’t be just healthy food; it will have to be low-glycemic healthy food. Let’s see if my body’s chemistry can talk sense! I hate that kind of eating, though; it’s a lot harder for me, and not really sustainable.

So, here I go, continuing to put one foot in front of another, because really, what choice do I have? I can live sick, or I can live healthy, and I choose healthy.


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