Boy, am I struggling with today’s sermon. It was over that very familiar text from Matthew about the master entrusting the talents to his three servants. The points of the sermon included our relationship to God
(servant to master), our responsibility (all we have to give is His to begin with), and our Reckoning, in which we answer to our Master. Will I be counted good and faithful, or wicked and lazy?

Well, this passage is certainly familiar territory to me, and the minister introduced no new concepts. What was different today, with a living, breathing Word of God that is sharper than any two-edged sword, is a call that had been set before me in the past week or so.
I was looking to join a Moms in Touch group to pray for my kids in their schools. There aren’t many here, surprisingly. None for the high school, but there appeared to be one for my son’s elementary school-to-be. Only when I submitted my interest in joining the group, I was informed that the group’s leader had taken work and the group dissolved. (Leaving me to wonder why no one else in the group took the leader position?)

I was asked if I would lead a new group for this school. Dear Reader, I’ve led ministries before. Administration is not my skill. My last ministry leadership position burned me OUT. I reluctantly asked for more info. This is a group that no longer exists, so I would be promoting it as well. And although I’ve led a variety of ministries, and been a member of a Moms in Touch group before, I’ve never led a prayer ministry. And (gosh this is embarrassing), I’m vain enough that I would be a bit embarrassed to have people in my home. It’s furry from the animals, no matter how I try to keep it up, and I’m not a great housekeeper in spite of my best intentions, and my furniture is mismatched and my carpets are stained.

But, God has given me an open door. God has given me a strong desire to pray for my children at school and their schools. God has given me the experience to be able to start a ministry, even if I don’t enjoy it or do it as well as someone whose gift is administration, or even has the talent of organization. I have a couple of talents; what will I do with them? Will I say I am afraid, when what I really fear is work and risk? Will I lazily claim my time, my experience as my own, when all I have and am comes from the hand of God? Will I selfishly deny other moms the blessing of praying together for their children and their schools?

I almost sob at the thought of it, but I am going to accept this responsibility. I don’t know how I’ll make my home welcoming, but I have an idea how I’ll publicize the group. And the neighbors on my street are the first place I’ll start. And maybe people will come to know the love of the Savior of their souls as a result. I can pray it will be so, anyway. He does so much for me; He asks so little.


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