Weigh-in Wednesday: Wow!

stats: 186.8 pounds (almost 2 pounds lost in 5 days!)

5 days vigorous exercise. I took both Saturday and Sunday completely off. Today I met with Coach, and she taught me kick-boxing! It was kind of fun. Maybe it is a class DH and I could take together in the fall.

I did ok on the eating for insulin control, although there is still a learning curve here, and I’m trying to work out the kinks. Even so, it paid off!! It’s all about the insulin, people!! Woohoo!

Not so hot on the quiet time this week 😦 but I did some heavy praying 3 days. My heart is heavy for several people, and it takes me to my knees. Plus, I had that Conviction issue to deal with. I may go to the Christian book store and find a new devotional or mini-study to jump start me on the Bible reading again.

Well, overall, I’m encouraged! I’m re-excited! I have hope! Yeah!


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