This Must Be Autumn

As of today, I have now had 8 whole days of my own. I feared they might be lonely, seeing as how I’ve never had more than a few days all my own in 19 years. But truth be told, they are productive. I have so many ways to serve my family now that I didn’t often have time for in the past, and I don’t miss teaching them. I’m enjoying getting my house put in order, getting errands run without having to drag them along, and being rested and ready to smile when they return! And after my Moms in Touch training this afternoon, I’m even looking forward to organizing moms to pray for their kids and our elementary school!

So I’m not thinking of colorful leaves and football games and hot chocolate and pumpkin bread; I’m thinking of my new season in life. If Spring was my own youth, my young married-ness and the freshness and heady aromas of everything, then maybe Summer was that long season of activity, of running around and trying to do it all. It’s long days and playing hard and sometimes getting burned, but always making memories. It’s been my longest season of life and I really enjoyed it, but I don’t really believe “Lazy Days of Summer” can apply. But Autumn takes on a slower pace. It’s got more of a “nest-ish” feel to it. The baking and organizing and yardwork that I associate with Autumn has a real appeal to me now, and with my kids, there is a sense of cheerleading rather than being in the thick of things with them.

So I think I am ready for it to be Autumn, and to share with my kids, 9 to 19, what a relaxed cheerleader mom can be. Yeah, Team!


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  1. Sounds simply wonderful. I love your analogy!

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