Wednesday Weigh-in

Down a tad more: 185.2. Yes, tads are a unit of measurement.

I wasn’t able to get in to exercise AT ALL Monday and Tuesday. I’ve been busy, partly with handing out these doorknob hangar invitations to a Moms in Touch info meeting tomorrow. But as much as I didn’t make it a priority, I also really missed it. It felt so good to get in today! And I don’t forsee anything hindering me tomorrow, either, which is good. Because tomorrow is my KICKBOXING workout!! I am so hossly. Really, after one of those days, those boys in the weight room better give me a wiiiide berth, cause I might just have to take them down! LOL!

Quiet times have been going better since I had to start studying for Moms in Touch. One blessing already! And even better, I got invited to a Bible Study Fellowship that is just almost a reasonable distance away! 🙂 As surprised as I was that our church hadn’t scheduled a Bible study for this semester, I am just as happy to have BSF with ladies I have met at church.

And lastly, on this accountability check-in, I decided after much consideration to NOT sign up for a regular exercise class (beyond the Saturday water aerobics DH committed to do with me). I realized at the last minute that I was busy-ing myself up again, only with non-kid and -homeschool stuff. Busy me is not a flexible me, and is not a peaceful me, and most especially, is not a free-to-reach-others me. So I have to maintain my committment to Coach’s workouts even more. But it’s all good!


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