Yes, it is…WIW

Okay, the Oreos this week may have been a bad idea. Seriously. 186.2. I’m a rollercoaster anyway, though. And I hadn’t had Oreos in months, and they were GOOOOOOD. So there.

Let’s see…I’m having some great workouts, but this week also wasn’t good for consistency. Hmmm….maybe that added to the Oreo effect. Anywhooo….I was feeling sick Saturday so didn’t workout, then the DRC was closed Sunday and Monday, but I turned up too busy to use my own equipment anyway, so it might have been a bust had they been open. Three days in a row is a bad skip. Yet, I’ve finally reached a level of fitness that it doesn’t downright HURT to get moving again after that long a break. THAT is worth rejoicing over!!

Been really enjoying my quiet time lately, which I suspect is a direct result of praying that God would restore my joy in His Word. He is nothing if not faithful!! Praise God!


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