Yes, I am sure that is a word. And it’s more fun to say than perseverance (which I already had a post on), so I’m keeping it. And I’m using it to describe myself this past week, because OH. MY. GOSH. it has been hard to stick with my exercise plan! Life keeps getting in the way. I already recorded how I was sick, and then the holidays and busyness interrupted. I got in a great workout Tues., but Wednesday was only half a workout because I started feeling yucky again. Thursday was Moms in Touch and a looong doctor’s appointment, so a dog walk was the best I could manage. And Friday should have seen me with Coach in a trainer’s session, but I took a teen to the doctor with asthma instead. Grrr!

HOWEVER, I am thrilled to report that I STILL got in a workout! T has swim practice at night, and I just suited up and did my thing while he did his. That actually worked out very well. I may do that more often!

Anyway, my point is that I am pleased with myself for not getting down on me, and grabbing the moments I could. It isn’t what I needed or wanted, but I stuck in there!


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