Time keeps on slippin’…

OK, so today I am another year older in the trek through the 40s. I checked off one more thing on my 50 list, and have one more about to go. Well, I feel like I am at an interesting place in my life, a crossroads of sorts. I’m remaking me just a bit, so I really have a lot of choices before me. They have the potential to really impact my future and that of those I love, so I am trying to live very deliberately right now. What will 43 look like? What do I want it to look like?

For instance, for the fall semester I signed me and DH up for a Saturday water aerobics class. I was on the verge of signing me up for another fitness class two or three days a week, when it struck me. Even with my kids in school, I was scheduling me right out of flexibility. There might be some accountability to a class schedule, but forfeit would be the ability to seize opportunities to minister to (or even just encourage) other women God puts in my path. With no free mornings, I wouldn’t be able to offer to watch someone’s preschoolers when they have a cold, or to do some task for T’s teacher. And it would add stress to my goal of transforming my home, because half the day would now be unavailable. No, I’ve been in that place before, where my time is all committed, like my paycheck to a debt. So I CHOSE to pursue Coach’s workout plans for myself and stay out of a class. I hope it is a choice God can use for His kingdom purposes. I pray I would recognize those forks in the road throughout this coming year and make real choices, instead of living on cruise control.


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  1. DH

    Way to go! I’m proud of you for choosing not to over commit yourself. And you are looking and acting so much healthier! KUDOS!

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