It’s better to give than to receive.

Today I donated, for the first time, platelets. I’ve been a whole blood donor for many years, but only got the nerve to do the platelet thing because the Red Cross has been virtually begging my daughter to give. She had really been looking forward to being old enough to become a blood donor, and this past summer qualified. There it was discovered that she is blood type AB pos, which is apparently the universal platelet donor type. Platelets are very much needed, with a short shelf life. In light of the loss of my mother to cancer, we are especially sensitive to its need for cancer patients, especially chemo and radiation patients. So, I said that if SHE would donate, I would donate. Sort of a “lean on one another” scenario.

So here we went today. Unfortunately, M got deferred for her asthma acting up a tad. So their dream team donor sat out, and wittle me gave platelets all by my wonesome. I’m really glad I did it, but I prefer giving whole blood. Not only does it take awhile, but even after drinking milk and eating TUMs, my face buzzed! Very odd feeling. I hope those platelets bless someone in the next few days!



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2 responses to “It’s better to give than to receive.

  1. Congrats on your first apheresis from a long time (100+ platelet donations) unofficial blood stud. Don’t give up one apheresis, please! Think of the face-buzz as the happy positive-karma good fairy magic sparklies falling on you.

    You you know you’ve blessed at least one life out there with more days to fulfill their dreams.

  2. 4pam

    Wow!! You ARE a blood stud! I can’t imagine doing this 100 times, but this definitely won’t be my last. I know I will repeat this again many times for all the cancer victims and others in need out there. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

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