Wednesday on Thursday

Because I completely forgot about Weigh-in Wednesday yesterday! I mean, I didn’t even weigh. So a day later, here goes:

186.4  what is up with that? Besides the scale? I was GOOD dieter this week. And coach even dropped my calories further. But oh well…whatever the cause, it can’t be me, because I have behaved.

On the positive side though, Beth was asking about INCHES lost, and I can give those stats: 1 inch lost since we measured in August, for a total of 3 1/2 inches lost since my biggest measurement in early April. That’s around the tummy only. It’s the only stat that really mattered to me, as it’s the one that is used for so many health indicators. It doesn’t go up and down like the scale, either.

I’ll use my last post as my spiritual life update. It’s all good!

My favorite improvement since starting my Sabbatical, though? I have found my smile again! I pretty much smile every day. I’m enjoying ME, and I think it shows. So that’s it for this week!


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