All you can eat, but will you?

A dieter’s nightmare: the buffet. You know, salad buffets are the worst. They really suck you in with a false sense of health and lightness, but they easily pack on the calories. Today I visited the next worst buffet, the Chinese buffet. (Really, no one goes to a pizza buffet or a homestyle buffet expecting to eat light on their diet.) I have been doing SOOO well with my eating this week, until today. I mean, not only is it hard to know how much you’re eating; not only is it hard to even know WHAT you’re eating; but it is nearly impossible to find calorie counts on these foods that agree with one another! The calorie range on Moo Goo Gai Pan alone is daunting. The cup of white rice is about the only thing I can get a clear consensus on.

So today my food diary lists breakfast and dinner, and lunch says “Chinese buffet: calories, a LOT.”


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