Weigh-in Wednesday on time!

It’s good not to feel like a ditz and do my check-in on the appropriate date. 🙂

184.6 pounds, so I am sure last week was some water-retention fluke or something. Sheesh.

I’m getting good workouts about 5 days a week and enjoying myself, so what more could I ask? Well, how about that dh thinks my less flabby, firmer arms are sexy? LOL! It’s all good!

I did so well with my food log and food choices this week! I am proud of that, too. It’s important to tell myself no, and not now, and “you have more important goals than that dessert, Pam.”

I’m loving the Bible study about Moses, and more importantly, I feel like God is talking to me again. Mostly I am sure that’s because I’m actually spending time with Him again. It’s hard to hear someone you’re rarely with, you know?

Prayer time is growing. It’s just a good week all around, I guess. Happy me!


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