Composing a new me

Today I get to report a new stat of my progress, for which I can only shout, “woohoo!” because my progress is a hard thing to see, indeed. When I first started working with Coach at the beginning of the summer, she took a body composition. Yesterday she remeasured that.

In June I started with 37.7% body fat. That is pretty amazing: more than 1/3 of me was fat cells. I had 69.7 pounds of fat.

September 26 I measured 29% body fat!! Woohoo!! And according to Coach, 15-25% is the range of average. That is a conceivable goal! That is 51.8 pounds of fat. That would seem to say I lost almost 18 pounds of fat. Wow. If so, that is WAY better than 5 pounds on the scale.

That’s news that’ll encourage you to keep up the hard work. 🙂 All that sweating and pain and, well, TIME is actually worth it.


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