HA!….who cares what day it is, anyway?

I know I certainly don’t. I feel very off. I’m not sick, but I feel like I could have a raging cold any minute, especially if I don’t go take a nap.

I was up to 184.6 yesterday, but since good ol’ Aunt Flo dropped in for a surprise visit today, I don’t think that should count. It is surely not my fault!! And if I’ve been a grouch and a bit short with everyone for no reason the last couple of days, Aunt Flo should take the blame for that, too. Can I blame her for only just remembering that I was subpeoned for a court date this coming Tuesday, when I had scheduled TWO other things, and haven’t even called the court to confirm that I received said subpeona? Sheesh. So, no, that extra weight does not count.

Y’all can imagine on your own how the other items in my accountability list would have fared. Feel free. Have fun. For all anyone knows, I did word finds out of my Bible study. Today, Aunt Flo and I just don’t care.

Good night while I go sleep it off. Maybe I’ll hit the crosscountry machine afterward. Either way, most likely kill you in the morning.


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