Work or fitness?

Today I was stuck with mowing our sizable back yard. It’s supposed to be a paying job for one of our teen daughters, but suffice it to say that she didn’t do her part, and lawn guys were coming to aerate and seed, and it HAD to be done. Leave it to mom! I had a time crunch, so I even jogged part of the yard, plus I had to walk it planting flags where all the sprinkler heads are. It took nearly an hour and a half.

All of this took place when I would have otherwise been at the rec center, sweating to my tunes. I figured this would have to substitute, so I looked up what I hope to have burned up…Good News! At my size, I have easily burned 500 calories!! (Did I mention it was a big yard? I was dripping sweat out there, too.) I realized while I was out there that the job was strenuous enough that I couldn’t have done it even three months ago. Well, no grudge held against the daughter; it worked out well for me anyway. 🙂 I highly recommend mowing as a fitness exercise.


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