Bits and Pieces

The lady checking me out (not THAT way) at Dick’s sporting goods, where I bought little protective sparring gloves and new cushy running shoes, remarked on how much weight I lost since the GOSHAWFUL driver’s license photo. Wow. J I’ll be sure to shop there more often.

And all my annual bloodwork came back, GOOD. No more borderline high cholesterol. Good ratios on the HDL and LDL. And that heart episode marker they look for in your blood? A little high last year; NORMAL this year. All this is worth the pain JUST for those numbers.


DH’s car is going to cost over $1,000 to fix. Guess we’ll call the insurance. *sigh* It is SO embarrassing to call the insurance to say I need to file a claim against myself. And there is one drawback to one’s husband being so amazingly  annoyingly forgiving and concerned regarding the accident: when one gets really, really peeved at him, one is reminded how awesomely lovingly he disregarded the accident, and realizes one really has to be just as forgiving back. Well, if that’s the only drawback, I’ll live, and pretty richly, too.



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  1. YAY for Pam!

    I still haven’t told my dh about the new scrape I put on the side of the van backing out of a patient’s driveway. He hasn’t seen it yet either. I know I’m in for a good yellin’ when he sees it. He’s always yellin’ about something.

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