Wednesday and Weight Watchers

184 pounds. And bloated this week, so one can hope that is related, rather than it being a treat week.

Anywhoo…I’ve really been thinking about Weight Watchers. I was a member a couple of years back, for a couple of years, and it was helpful. At a time that I wasn’t working out with remotely this intensity, it is the only thing that enabled me to lose any weight at all. Unfortunately, I lost less than 15 pounds in a year and a half, and then gained it all back in the subsequent apartment stress/Kansas move.

But one thing I have definitely observed about the last five months of taking back my fitness is that I have NOT got control of the eating. I’ll do well for a few days, but I can’t sustain it. And I am utterly WEARY of the food diary. I can’t sustain that more than a few days at a time anymore, either. It is SO. MUCH. WORK! I have to hunt down the calories on all that, and when I cook at home, sometimes I even have to work up calories for an entire recipe, then divide into servings! The time this takes is ridiculous. Weight Watchers’ point system, with whole books listing most of the point values you could ever need, way less time consuming. It’s not effortless, but it’s not this huge burden.

And then there is the support/accountability benefit. EVERY week you get to go to a live person and weigh in, and receive encouragement, recognition, counseling, whatever you merit! If you completely flaked the whole week, you still have to face the group. They’ll encourage you to stick with it, and help with strategies to combat the problem.

Still, it was lonely, and kind of sad, attending meetings alone. I’m seriously considering investing in this again (can you tell), but I hate to leave the house on one of the few nights I stay home and SEE my overworked husband. I’m wondering if he would be willing to join with me? I really doubt he’d count the points and all that, but at least I wouldn’t have to leave him behind. Hmmm. And I have a friend in Texas who has lost 25 pounds on Weight Watchers just since summer started. I know I couldn’t do that, but even just five more pounds would tickle me!

Additionally, I have really been convicted that God is dwelling in this body, so i inherently have the strength to eat to live, rather than living to eat. I can do this. God can do this IN ME.



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6 responses to “Wednesday and Weight Watchers

  1. Pam, I’m joining ww in January. I missed the new class that started last Monday night. It is at the hospital and they will reimburse me the money if I attend 9 of the 10 meetings in a session. They will also allow that money to roll over into another session if I want it to. Join with me through cyber space?

  2. dietisadirtyword

    Hey, great post. Don’t beat yourself up too much over any “slipping” that you do.

    You might want to check out Spark People, an online community for dieters. They have a section where you can connect with people in your area and I bet you could find someone to go to your WW meetings with you.

    I don’t know the address off-hand, but you could probably just Google Spark People and check it out. It is free to join too. They have other stuff on there as well, but when you mentioned that it was lonely going to your meetings alone, I thought of that and figured I would tell you about it.

    Good luck to you!

  3. monicasrecipes

    My husband is supportive and is willing to eat the ww friendly meals I make…he just pays no attention to points though he could stand to lose a few.

    As for spending more time with your husband…the better shape we’re in the more energy we’re going to have to spend with our hubby, kids and others.

    My free ww friendly website


  4. 4pam

    Thanks, Steph, for the suggestion. I’ll check it out!


  5. 4pam

    Monica, what an awesome husband! Part of my hubby’s trouble is looooong work hours. He’s just not home much, so when we can be home together, I hate to leave him! He’s thinking about being my WW buddy, and he could benefit, too. I look forward to checking out your website!


  6. 4pam

    Beth, you’re on!


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