Weigh-in Wednesday

My life has been hectic enough lately that I am having trouble just sitting down and evaluating it. I mean, the point of this sabbatical year is to live purposefully; to not only move in a positive direction, but to do so in a deliberate, controlled way. Hectic and chaotic doesn’t seem to fit that. But I sure am still trying!

So, first stat is weight: 183.2 Lowest weight thus far by .2 pounds, and I’ll celebrate even that small progress. It’s about time for a waist-inches check, too, so maybe I’ll do that this weekend.

No weekend workouts, but I got a workout in on Tuesday because I couldn’t go to Bible study, so that makes up for it. Good, hard workouts, too. I’m looking forward to Weight Watchers, because it gives me a more concrete, comparable system to judge progress with, too. I can total Activity Points each week, and rather than talk about how I feel about how I ate, I can KNOW whether I stayed in my points or not.

I didn’t get to *attend* Bible study, but I still did all my homework, so it’s all good. And I’m praying a little more. Did I tell you about my praying time at Moms in Touch? If I didn’t already, that’s another new post!

So I pretty much feel good about my week, especially coming off of Halloween and leading up to Thanksgiving. In my dreams, though, I would be under 180 pounds before Thanksgiving. I’m not holding my breath, but we’ll see.


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