I am not alone.

I lead a Moms in Touch prayer group. It’s new, and there aren’t many of us. A couple of weeks ago, “not many” turned out to be “just me.” I had prepared our prayer sheet, and chosen the praise topic of Jehovah Shammah, the Lord is There. He promises us His Presence. For our children I chose to pray I Chron 28:20, that they would know His help in difficult tasks; that they didn’t have to tackle them alone.

At first, I was kind of sad and felt very alone. I decided to just prayer walk around the school grounds, rather than sit alone in a room to pray. But very quickly on that walk I realized that I was not alone! It may seem like a daunting task, to start a new prayer group. And it may seem like a lonely one, but God has promised ME His Presence! I really enjoyed my prayer time with my Father as I walked around and around that school. And I know His Word prayed fervently will not be wasted, even if it is only by me alone.

Still, I continue to pray for more moms to join me.


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  1. Thanks for your post. I blogged about Moms in Touch today, which lead me here. That is so neat that you prayed by yourself anyway. (Well . . . not really by yourself!) A couple times people in our group were unable to meet and we prayed over the phone. That, too, sounds like it would be strange, but it was actually a wonderful time, and the hour whizzed by. I hope you get more moms to pray with in the future 🙂

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