Lookin’ Good Wednesday!

Well, this has been my first week of counting Weight Watchers points, both eating and activity, even though I haven’t yet rejoined or attended a meeting. Just that alone, and I have improved! It might be the point counting. It certainly is less onerous than finding all the calories, and I like that it takes into consideration fat and fiber.

Drumroll please…

182.8 pounds, down .4 from last week.

Pretty good on the exercise, but I didn’t get anything in over the weekend, although I meant to. I think I had 20 APs, but I don’t remember. I don’t have the handy little booklets you get at weight watchers, so I am doing my own (sort of) on scratch paper. I don’t keep up with those over the long term so well!

I need to be more consistent with my Bible study and quiet time. Not so good this week.

Prayer time was good, though! Much better about praying for all four kids these last couple of weeks!

I’m not going to get below 180 before Thanksgiving, but maybe I can get down to 182. That will be my goal by next Wednesday! It’s achievable, but it will be difficult.


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