Whoa!!!! Someone broke in…

and remodeled the house!! Gee, I get busy and don’t check in for a really long time awhile and I come back and can’t recognize a thing. What the heck happened?! Nothing on the dashboard is where I left it. Sheesh, how’s a person to find anything around here if people go and clean up for you?

Well, anyway, I didn’t become deathly ill or anything. It’s just the holidays. You know: shuttling all the teen socialites hither and yon for various party-like events, and welcoming my oldest son back to the family for a few days (with the year-long girlfriend), and just celebrating like crazy the Advent season. This is SOOOOO my favorite time of year! But nonetheless, an update is long overdue, so here goes…

Weight: 182 pounds. Slow, but still moving in the right direction, and that’s what’s important, right? I still prefer counting Weight Watchers points to calories, and it seems to work a little better for me, but I’m busy enough to have trouble keeping up with even that. I try, though! No quitters here!

Workouts have dropped off a tad, either in length or frequency. I’m always optimistic that I’ll fit them in, though. And honestly, I do; it’s just closer to the minimum than the maximum.

Spiritual health is awesome, though!! Lots of time with the Lord. Gotta love Advent!

So, it’s Thursday, but this is my Wednesday post. 🙂


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