Mid-year New Me

It’s a new year! But I am kind of counting my year with the school year, since that is when I started my New Me new year. And mostly what I feel with this blog is NOT a since of freshness, but an “oh no! I need to write something more so I’m not losing my accountability. sigh.”

Well, the holidays were very hard to maintain my committment to fitness, but I did. It was a minimalist committment, but it wasn’t quitting, even a little, and that is what is important, I think. And even though everyone and their third dog gave me chocolate, I only gained a little, and I am right back to full workouts and food logging and such, so it will be banished.

I finally got back in with Coach, and she is changing up all my routines to prep me for a spring fun run. Now I just need to find a 1 mile run to do.

On the spiritual side, I have been asked to take on a BSF discussion group that has unexpectedly lost its leader, and I am praying about that. I am thinking that I will. It’s a little scary to consider the high standard of purity expected, but really, I have been trying to heed such a call all this sabbatical, so it would really just be an added layer of accountability. Probably a good thing.

This coming semester could look pretty different. More productive, for instance. But I don’t want to lose my margin or my peace. Lots to think about this week…


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