Full-fledged member…again.

Yes, I did rejoin Weight Watchers this past Thursday. Frankly, I was amazed at the sheer SIZE of the group. It is the only one offered in my town, and it January, when all the resolutes crawl out of the wood work for a couple of months, but still, I was amazed. And the streets were snow-covered and it was bitterly cold, even! Thankfully, I got there the requested 15 minutes early, so I only waited in line 20 minutes. 🙂 There was still PLENTY of line behind me, though, never fear.

I liked the little spiel the leader gave, with visual aids! showing the difference your food choices can make in volume and staying power for the same points. It inspired me to try fill up more on fewer points, but really, hunger has rarely been my problem. The new trackers were interesting, though. It is amazing how much info they can fit in such a wee book! And it has a hunger tracker now, too, which showed today that getting too hungry CAN lead me to poorer choices. Knowing that doesn’t seem to help too much, though, if I can’t prevent the getting-too-hungry.

OK, the baseline weight for this week for WW is 186. That’s a clothed night weight the day before my monthly visit, when I usually do a bare first-thing am weight. I guess I’ll just have to adjust my thinking, eh?


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