God equips those He calls, batteries included.

I was asked over the holidays to be a Discussion Group Leader for Bible Study Fellowship. After much consideration and prayer, I accepted. This is to fill a sudden opening in BSF, though, so I am sort of taking a crash-course, work-study kind of training. Sort of intimidating, you might say. Today was my second leaders’ meeting. If it weren’t for my faith in my God to compensate for all my shortcomings, I would feel inadequate indeed! But He is reminding me in little ways that He knows me and what He has asked me to do, and He can give me all I need to do it.

For instance, I recently found out an older friend is in the group I will be taking on, and she assured me that these are older women who have mostly been doing BSF for years. She tells me they will love me and be very supportive! What encouragement!

Also, I am supposed to dress up twice a week as a BSF leader, but have almost no dressy wardrobe. Our church is pretty casual-tolerant, and really, that’s the only dressy place I have to go, pretty much EVER. Dinner at Arby’s, cheering at a wrestling match, or watching my daughters in a play pretty much round out the setting of my life. I said a prayer and headed over to Penney’s last week, shopping the clearance racks. I found several blouses, a sweater, and some slacks, expecting to pay those marked-down prices. At the checkout, they took off an ADDITIONAL mark-down! I got out of there with a much expanded dressy wardrobe for about $80! Imagine! God not only cares how I dress, but helped me do so frugally beyond my expectations! I felt SO loved by God. (My biggest gift: a pair of fully lined black big-leg tuxedo pants, originally $100, for $17!)

Tomorrow I shadow another leader as she leads her group, and I get introduced to the group I will be eventually taking over. I am actually beginning to get excited! I truly hope I can be a blessing to God in this ministry. He is certainly blessing ME!


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