Choosing Thankfulness

Tonight I weighed in after a week on Weight Watchers. I stayed on plan: I have 24 points each day (actually I qualify for 25, but I chose 24), plus my activity points. I also have 35 weekly points which I try not to dip into AT ALL. I used 5 weekly points. I earned 25 activity points, and didn’t use them all.

I lost one pound. I was so afraid I wouldn’t lose that one pound. I begged God all day to let it at least be one whole pound. It was good for me to lose that one pound. When I did this back in Texas a half a pound or less would not be unusual for a week on plan. And I was grateful. But I was also so sad. Still am. I don’t understand why this is so hard for me. I know Coach is expecting a significant weight loss when I check in with her in February, because she said so. She said the combination of running (now on hold for a few more days) and WW would just drop the pounds off of me. I was skeptical, but I pushed my fear of further failure aside and accepted her pronouncement.

But now I don’t believe it. I’m going to disappoint her, and I disappoint me. But I keep on. I will try to choose more veggies and less bready foods. And drink more water even though it is cold, and I don’t drink much non-hot stuff when it is cold. But mostly, I choose, I CHOOSE to be thankful that I lost a pound. God answered my prayer, and I am grateful.


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  1. I haven’t been so diligent with watching my food this week. In fact, I’m having pizza right now! I dipped into my extra 35 points two days this week already. And because of all the stuff going on at home and work, I haven’t even started to earn activity points. We’ll see on Monday if I lost any weight. Probably not.

    Hang in there friend. You ARE losing weight. And beyond that, you are learning how to live a healthy life. In the long run, that is better.

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