Making it through the Super Bowl…On Plan

I think we can all agree that Super Bowl Sunday is a daaaangerous day for those of us trying to lose weight. Ever the optimist, I began this day with the intent, nay: the DETERMINATION to survive the night on plan with Weight Watchers. After all, that IS why I added WW to my arsenal of accountability partners; I needed help managing the food! So far, so good. And I don’t feel deprived at all.

I started out with only 4 points at breakfast, but whole grain to stick around awhile. Lunch was 1 point soup and whole grain goldfish, so only another 4 points. That left 17 points for the occasion! Now I can have BOTH a small beef fajita and 6 baked buffalo wings and dip baked tostitos in my salsa and veggies in my guacamole, and be satisfied and then some on a feast of  21 points. The whole day so far is only 4 points into my weekly allowance. I am patting me on the back!

And when the rest of the gang breaks out the ice cream and root beer for floats, I have stocked up on Weight Watchers ice cream cups, so I can still have my similar sweet, but only 2 more points.

My success is not just what I DID eat, but also what I kept out of the house! We have NO Chex Mix, a bad binge trigger for me. Also no cookies or cake or cobbler: I love that stuff! For me, ice cream is nice, but not to die for, so I can have a little and leave it. I had a lot of points for one day without any activity points, but for a special occasion, it’s a good day!


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  1. Sherry

    WOW! Pam what a game plan!

    I so with you on the things that make me binge. This week I’ve been dying for chocolate – rich, fudgy chocolate. The crave would just NOT go away no matter what I told myself. So I tried a recipe from that was SUPPOSED to be an incredible replacement for Cream Cheese Swirled Brownies. Sounded decent but when Kimm tried the dough I thought she was going to spit it back in my bowl. She said what is that, what did you do, this stuff is NOT right! Okay, the “brownie dough” is a devil’s food cake mix – reduced sugar, of course, mixed with a can of pumpkin. You don’t even want to know what the topping is made of. I really did TRY to like it – it was hard to convince my die-hard chocolate taste buds that was the real deal. Didn’t happen. Won’t be making that incredible brownie again.
    However, if you find yourself willing to do anything to satisfy that chocolate craving but knowing you are determined to stay within your points try – NO PUDGE Brownie Mix. I really like this mix! Also, on the side of the box it gives instructions on preparing only ONE serving. I think one 2 inch brownie is 2 points.

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