Tired of keeping up with me?

I know I am. *sigh* But hey, accountability can’t take a holiday, or it ceases to remember to be accountable, right?

So, I’ll chat more another day (for instance, I want to share the article I use to calculate my Activity Points for my trainer-generated workouts), but tonight I’m just going to check in. Last Thursday I lost 1.5 pounds at Weight Watchers weigh-in. This was monumentally disappointing, ironically, as it happened to be point one (yes, that is one-tenth) pounds away from a five-pound star reward. I think that must be the only time I nearly cried after losing a pound and a half. It made me wish I had peed before I got in line. Seriously. And this was AFTER a hard workout with Coach.

Oh, and you know that foot trouble I’ve been having? Well, since Coach thought it might be one leg longer than the other since it was always only one foot, I visited my neighbor the chiropractor/sports medicine dude. He said it sounded more like the arch in that foot is falling. He’s going to check whether my insurance will pay for that, too, and if so, we’re working on biomechanics! (I have a nasty back sway to work on also, but I already knew that. Been working on it off and on since high school.) I’ll see him again Monday and find out.

So there I am. I will try to do a proper check-in Thursday with my points and such.


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