Testing the Waters

Myriah by Sterling's symbolic bowl and towel

Myriah by Sterling's symbolic bowl and towel

My older daughter is looking over the college landscape. She is a junior, and thinks she might possibly want to become a drama teacher/director. She has seen what a safe haven theater becomes for so many students, regardless of school, and she thinks that she, as a Believer, could truly provide that for others. So now she is out exploring colleges, and her first venture into college life was an overnight at Sterling College in Kansas.

Frankly, although I knew the campus was small, I didn’t realize that the TOWN wasn’t much bigger! But even so, she still seems really drawn to this close-knit family of students and teachers. I know I would LOVE to have her at least begin her education at a faithful Christian college, so regardless of where it ends up, I pray God would provide the means for that dream! It is so hard to afford a private secondary education as a member of the middle class. There will be no grant money. May scholarships rain down!

Also, much to our delight, on the drive up we passed by a Bed and Breakfast that also serves as an exotic animal farm. It spiced up a rather boring stretch of Kansas (LOL!! I crack me up!)

Camels in Kansas

Camels in Kansas


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  1. LisaS

    Hey, I know a GREAT girl at Sterling if she goes there! She was my piano student for years, and she is a GEM!

    The kids from our church who go there sure love it!

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