Anybody really know what time it is….

anybody really care?  I hope not, because ALL of this post is going to be OLD NEWS. REALLY OLD, because I have been so stinking busy I couldn’t even sit down and pound out a really boring update, much less anything half interesting. But at least I made it at some point in April.

I’ll start with spring. Boy, has it been bouncy. I’d think it had sprung, and then frigid temps and snow would hit. And then it would spring again. ARGHH!  I have no doubt that the peaches are done for, but I still think I’ll get cherries.  And I now have proof that spring actually IS here:

my front garden

my front garden

We have also had the Mil Ball:

Katie with her updo

Katie with her updo

in its full glory

in its full glory

and Junior/Senior Prom. I’ll post a photo of that later. But I am sure they all qualify as signs of spring. And they contribute to the other sign of spring: insane busy-ness. Which is why I have all those blank unblogged days. So on to other topics….

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