It just never ends.

It's like a bra for feet.

It's like a bra for feet.

While I have more awesome decorated table photos I could share (and probably will), I decided instead to update on my ongoing foot rehabilitation. Because, YES! my orthotics are in and I have been working up to full use of them.

But, before I get to that, more on the ongoing discoveries of my personal biomechanics. My foot was hurting less within a couple of weeks of starting Coach’s ankle strengthening exercises. That just amazed me, really. But then I discovered, during a Pilates class I was taking with my husband, that that same leg is really weak and underdeveloped on the back side. As I strengthen one part, another weak part gets exposed. So I started isolating that leg in weight lifting, and the disparity was wild.

So then my orthotics came in, and after the PT heard about all these developments, she added a 1/8″ lift for my right (never hurting, strong!) foot. I had to phase in the new shoe insoles, and have only run in them for 10 minutes so far; all the rest has been walking in longer increments. My legs are certainly working differently! It’s tiring. But it began as soon as I added the lift to the bottom of my right shoe, long before I tried running in the orthotics: the added 1/8″ on the right resulted, while running, in a noticeable increase in ankle and knee movement on the left! That is just so weird. Those muscles are getting an all-new workout.

I would be such a happy, optimistic camper, but of course it can’t stop there for me. Oh no! Last week in that Pilates class, we were doing some twisty core things, and that compressed disc in my back began complaining. I thought the chiropractor had pretty much fixed that, but it’s way worse now. No more twisty anything for me! In fact, I just became a proponent of the medieval rack: nothing sounds better right now than being pulled apart from head to toe. I won’t let it stop me from running, though; just from Pilates! And any ab work that involves twisting.

My 2 mile run is July 4, and I may sign up for the Derby Days 5k  in late May as a walk/run, so I persevere!


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