Me (far right) and my buddies in the Derby Days Parade

Well, it’s been another year since I completed my sabbatical year, and goodness, has God ever remade me! Not only have I continued to act as Survivor Chair on one of the best-grown Relays in the state, but God dropped a teaching position in art education in my lap. I worked with the Census all spring and summer, and that mostly funded this year’s tuition for my son; but I am also teaching art to kindergarten through 7th grades at his school, Faith Lutheran. Yet another dream I would NEVER have dreamed for me was imagined by God, and I have been blessed beyond measure! It has been a long time since I have had so much fun! And then God added yet another undreamed dream: growing the art teaching to homeschool classes. I am humbled and overflowing with love for the Father who cares for me so creatively.

So, just as I have been remade in a new phase of life at 45 years old, I am remaking my old blog. It will serve to document my art lessons and teaching experiences so that I can learn from my mistakes and build on my successes. Happy birth to the new me!


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