I’m not ignoring them on purpose!

I teach homeschoolers. No, it’s not a secret. I just haven’t been talking about them because most often they have been the recipients of my experience with the Faith kids’ projects. They have their own Artsonia: http://www.artsonia.com/schools/school.asp?id=125173  They are great kids, all 7 of them. And they range from kindergarten to 2nd grade, which is actually a bit of a challenge. It is a much greater span of developmental readiness than three grades would suggest! Frankly, kinder alone is a pretty big span. But this week we did projects Faith kids haven’t done yet. I got this clown lesson from  DeepSpaceSparkle.  The surprise (it seems every project has at least one) was that about half of the kids were very anxious about cutting little paper shapes to make the clown faces. I did provide a large-guage hole punch for round things like noses, because I know how hard it can be for little hands to make circles. But I didn’t expect the dissatisfaction with cutting curved mouths and triangle eyebrows. It wasn’t grade-related, either. I know it was because the shapes were free-form, rather than cutting a drawn line, and these would be my students who don’t easily visualize in their heads. I did show them the trick of turning the paper, not the scissors, to cut a smooth curve. And after a few tears from one student, I finally cajoled them into cutting funny clown faces they were satisfied with. And I loved them all! But it was a GREAT heads-up to be prepared before I present that step to 18 first and second-graders at Faith in  a month or so.

The vanGogh sunflowers project isn’t even on the Faith schedule, but I am thinking maybe it should be. It turned out really pretty! I would liked to have had a little more time to cover van Gogh himself, and I needed to teach more overlapping, but I think they are beautiful!


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