The Mother of Invention

I’m thinking that would be a small budget. Some things you just NEED, so can you turn what you have into what you need? Well, I NEEDED some way to protect up to 20 kids’ clothes at a time. Everything is washable, but not perfectly, you know? Smocks would be best. $$ I actually considered sewing little aprons. Ieven bought a pattern! $ Here is what I actually did:

my daughters acquire Tshirts for every youth function they attend. We have a ton. Now that my older daughter has gone to college, she passed to me most of her event Tshirts, as what college girl would wear them? Note she did not charge me; they were free. 🙂 I cut them up the back. I had found some binding tape or edging or somesuch and tied little ties to each side. Voila! A “smock.” Oddly enough, the children have preferences! My daughter’s Little Caesar’s Pizza workshirts are quite popular. Tshirts work without modification, but they take time to pull on and off, and coming off sometimes leave behind on the child some of what they accumulated doing the art.

I also realized recently that I will soon have up to 20 little people at a time rolling out clay. Patting their clay was not going to result in the project I want. So off to Lowe’s for the fattest, cheapest wood dowel rods I could afford. Mine are 3/4 inch poplar, and three 4-foot sections cost me less than $10. After my husband cuts them into 6-inch sections, I will have little rolling pins for the clay.

Hey, it works.


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