A class management tool?

I feel like I have a good control of kinder through 4th grade classes. Not so much with the 5th-7th. I have a feeling it is mostly adding the 7th grade dynamic–not that the 7th graders are difficult kids, but rather that they disrupt the class atmosphere just by being a weekly addition. The teacher recommended I give steps to the worst offenders, and I guess I will, but I like to have a reward to offer as well. I am hoping to get more flies with honey. After much thought, I have begun throwing together watercolor bookmarks from scrap heavy bond paper.

Three bookmarks

They admire my samples, and I think they would make an effort to get one of their own. My 5th grade son thinks they would, anyway. I guess we’ll see if they would like one well enough to focus on doing their best on their given task and to keep the visiting to a minimum.


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