Thoughts on this week’s teaching

*If you give kindergarteners a square and a triangle, they WILL make a house. It doesn’t matter how many artists you look at that used squares and triangles in other ways; they will still make a house. However, if you let them make their house, then flip their paper over and ask them to make something different with those same shapes, you might get a barn. Or an aquarium for an octopus. Or a tall hotel. Or a ship. Or a castle. But first they have to make their house.

* the 7th graders are responsible for their own grades, if I have truly done all I could to enable them to be successful. I need to keep reminding myself of this, because in this case, their grades are NOT a reflection on me, and some of them are not good. Not good at all.

* on the other hand, this last project saw some care and understanding. The Egyptian profile was accessible, and showed good to excellent placement of the facial features, and met all the other criteria of the rubric. I am optimistic that the students are turning a corner in how they treat art as a subject. The clay unit is next, and should be well received. I hope.

*Fifth and sixth grades really had fun with the Egyptian profile, too. Definitely worth noting. Probably all the gold paint!

I’m saving thoughts on clay for a whole nother post.


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