I just LOVE sharing!

At least, I love sharing art. I took the 3rd through 7th grades on a field trip today. We visited some of the massive outdoor sculpture collection at Wichita State University. http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=mark2&p=/kranae/ This collection was named by Public Art Review as one of the top 10 campus collections in the nation, and I sent out 24 students with scavenger hunts to find out more about 10-11 pieces, depending on the grade level. I think this went over very well! The kids enjoyed it, but we will have to see how much they actually learned about form and sculpture in our upcoming ceramics unit.

And also, you really can’t go to any art venue without passing by some nudes. None were on the hunt; we focused on none, and I attempted to route them around most of them. Still, it’s apparent some students noted them anyway. It remains to be seen how much this will upset parents. There was truly nothing provocative anywhere that the kids were sent. *sigh*

A special bonus: the museum was showcasing it’s current and temporary possession of an original Picasso. I took the older kids in small groups to see it, because how often in life can you view, within a couple of feet, an ORIGINAL PICASSO? And this one was HUGE. I am thinking it must have been at least 6 feet tall. Or more. I didn’t note the dimensions. It was a portrait of his second wife, his daughter, and his new step-daughter not long after his wedding. the sheer expanse of canvas awed me, knowing I would absolutely quake before that much white! Yet I delight in painting and experimenting small-scale. My heart beats faster at the mere thought of such huge sweeps of the arm!

I’m glad I did this.


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