Parent/Teacher Conferences

Luckily, I do not have to be available for parent/teacher conferences, because I have a cold. That would be such a bummer. Specials don’t have to conference at our school anyway. I did, however, post class displays of artwork, excepting the 5th-6th grade class, because half of them haven’t finished their Egyptians (from  DeepSpaceSparkle).  I want to encourage quality work AND timely work, but since they seemed to be working the whole time on their projects, not just visiting, I allowed them to keep them in the portfolio and pull them to work on later. (Not likely this next class because of the load of work to get done, but maybe next.)

Here are the class displays for first quarter. I wish I could get a higher quality photo, but I suspect it is the photographer, not the camera:

These are kindergarten's Van Gogh-inspired sunflowers.

First and Second Grade's Koi fishes.

Third and Fourth Grades' Piet Mondrian-inspired Abstracts

Seventh Grade Egyptian Profiles


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